StopKnowing the dangers of smoking you can do, imagine the danger to a pregnant woman. There have been many studies showing what smoking can cause although there are still pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy. Unborn children have no voice, therefore it is the responsibility of the mother to keep them healthy and make smart decisions.

Not only are you putting yourself at risk of smoking during pregnancy, but every time you inhale cigarette smoke, it is inhaled by the baby as well. Would you let your child light up a cigarette and smoke in front of you if they were able to do it themselves? Think about this issue when the craving comes, see your baby smoking and the effects it will have on their small bodies.

The inhalation of smoke during pregnancy can cause serious problems for the fetus including premature delivery and possibly death. Oxygen is essential for a baby to survive in the uterus. Smoking will not allow the baby to receive the total amount of oxygen needed to grow. Babies can develop many problems after birth die to second-hand smoke so imagine the results of the nicotine that passes directly to the baby. Smoking during pregnancy also puts a child at greater risk of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

In making the decision to have a baby please note that everything you do as the mother directly affects the fetus. Stop smoking if you are even trying to get pregnant. Since this is not an easy habit to break if you start out early then you are more likely to quit smoking before becoming pregnant. There are several support groups that can help break the habit, along with pills and patches. Consult a physician to determine the best choice for you, and read over the many Stop Smoking Tips available online.

Complications may occur during a healthy pregnancy, so give the unborn child a chance for a healthy life from the beginning. The risks that are unnecessary should be avoided and remember that the mother is responsible to do everything possible to keep her baby healthy and safe while still in the womb. There is no safe amount of smoking during pregnancy. If you still doubt whether it would be harmful to the baby if you smoke during your pregnancy check out some photos and further articles online that focus on the effects.

Written by Cherry Quahst

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