A ketosis diet plan works by reducing insulin levels, creating conditions that encourage the state of ketosis. Getting there faster is crucial because once the body produces ketones, hunger levels drastically drop while energy levels shoot up. Usually, you’ll need to follow a basic ketosis diet plan for four or five days before ketosis sets in, which can seem like a lifetime as you struggle to remain on track. But there are ways to speed up the process in just a matter of a few days.

Ketosis Diet Plan: The Challenge

The amount of time it takes for the body to go into ketosis mode will all depend on the number of carbs you normally consumed before you began carb restriction. However, there are faster methods you can try that will speed up the process and throw your body into the ketosis state in just a few days.


A ketosis diet allows you to eat many foods that you’re not able to eat on a diet that’s low carb and low fat. This means you won’t experience severe cravings or irritability for the duration of the diet. You also won’t feel deprived. In order to make this diet work, you need to reach the state of ketosis quickly and to do so, you must limit yourself to twenty net carbs a day. If you eat less than twenty net carbs and also workout daily you can reach ketosis faster because the body’s glycogen levels will drop by half. This, in turn, causes the liver to utilize the body’s fat stores in order to provide your body with fuel. The more active you are and the fewer carbs you eat during the first seventy-two hours, the faster ketosis will set in.

On the ketogenic diet, you can eat eggs, seafood, beef, poultry, up to four ounces of cheese, full fat salad dressing, two cups of lettuce, radishes, cucumbers or celery, herbs and spices and chicken and beef broth. Diet soda, butter, and mayo, mustard, coffee and heavy cream are also allowed.

While the ketogenic diet is one of the quickest ways to lose weight, during the first week you shouldn’t be focused on your weight loss. Instead, your sole focus should be directed at reaching ketosis. For the first seventy-two hours totally ignore how many calories you consume and eat until you’re full. Your calorie intake has nothing to do with reaching the ketosis state.

During the second day, you can expect hunger cravings to get out of control. You’ll probably crave bread and pastries and other foods packed with sugar. This is a good sign that means the body has run out of glucose. These cravings will fade as your body switches from burning glucose to burning fat instead.

How you’ll feel During Ketosis

Once your body is in full ketosis mode, your hunger cravings should disappear for the most part. Keep in mind that this diet can cause dehydration because of the way glycogen is processed, so be sure to increase your water intake to one gallon a day. Remaining well hydrated can also help to prevent muscle cramps after a workout or prevent a disruption in electrolytes. During this stage, you’ll feel more energized and even a little euphoric. You’ll also be more motivated to work out and stick to this diet, especially once you start weighing yourself and see the pounds melting off. Experts recommend sticking to this diet for no more than a month, but this can also depend on your current fitness level and overall weight loss goals.

One of my co-workers recently followed a ketosis diet plan for about 30 days. His weight loss was striking and very fast. He did stop after about 6 weeks because he began to feel disoriented. After speaking with his doctor, he went back to a more balanced diet and the symptoms disappeared in a matter of a few days. He has continued to eat healthy and exercise to maintain his weight.

What Alternatives Do You Have?

Following a ketosis diet for the long term obviously is not the best idea. However, if you need to drop weight fast it can certainly help shave pounds fast, but safety over the long term is in question. Always chat with your doctor before jumping into any rapid weight loss plan to make sure you are ready for it. It’s always safest to follow a healthy eating life style. If you aren’t prepared for something as extreme as a ketosis diet, then balance is probably more in line with what you are looking for. Find out how the Fat Diminisher weight loss program can help you lose weight without the headaches that come along with extreme dieting. Click here for all the details.

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