StopThe very best tips to stop smoking are the easiest to follow. One might not believe this but it the truth. You do not have to spend a cent to get this. It is all within your capacity independent of your status. It takes your character and the inherent attributes to get it right. These tips to stop smoking have been in use for a long time. Many people have discovered them and they are taking advantage of them. There are no side effects and one does not have to fear for health shortcomings. It is pure way to quit smoking and live a live full of health.

The following is layout of the natural tips to stop smoking:-

    Stop Smoking Tip 1

Drawing a plan: You should be able to figure out how you want to stop smoking even without the help of a counselor or health specialist. This method to stop smoking helps you to place the rules upon yourself. You are able to fine tune your conscience to stick to these rules without much effort. Some people are known to write all over their house a reminder to keep on reminding them that they are not supposed to smoke. This is one of the most effective tips to stop smoking from an individual’s level. If well followed, it is bound to succeed.

    Stop Smoking Tip 2


Support: Friends and relatives come to us naturally and we do not have to part with cash to get their support. This is another important method to quit smoking. The encouragement from the people who care about you can give you the morale you need to sail through the challenging moments of weakness. A habit is so hard to break off but when your loved ones interest is at stake you tend to work harder so as not t let them down. This method to stop smoking works through that concept.

    Stop Smoking Tip 3

Doing something new

Doing something new: Another method to stop smoking is to start on a new program which you have never done before. It will engross you mind completely and keep you off the thoughts about smoking. It can be an exercise regime such as swimming or an art such as acting and playing a musical instrument. This method to stop smoking is interesting and fun if well picked. The logic is to keep you occupied and not thinking about a puff. Whatever you decide to do should be something you love. You should keep in mind that boredom can drive you to smoking as well as frustrations of a hard task.

    Stop Smoking Tip 4

Keeping the right environment
Keeping the right environment: If you go to a place where there are smokers, you will be pulled back in to the vice. You can avoid your friends who smoke. This is an easy method to stop smoking. You can do it any day. To kill boredom, you can go to your friends who do not smoke and share with them about your objectives. You might be surprised that they also know about some more natural tips to avoid smoking.

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