If you are planning to stop your habit of smoking, read the following 10 tips to help stop smoking.
    1) Inform your friends and family that you are trying to stop smoking. So next time when you smoke without remembering your pledge they will remind you. And each time you resist from smoking, they will appreciate you. This will inspire you to quit the habit.


    2) Stay away from people who smoke. If your friends at work smoke, try to stay away from them when they are smoking.


    3) At work, if you feel like smoking, try to engage yourself in some interesting work. Or just simply take a walk or cup of coffee with your colleagues. Taking fresh juices can do much benefit to your body and fluids.


4) Find out creative and comfortable ways stop the habit. You can maintain a diary or play some game with the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. These are encouraging tips to help stop smoking.


    5) If you are feeling depressed or anxious and desperately feel like smoking, do something else more engaging. Watch a favorite movie, listen to a soothing music, or just call or talk to a loved one.


    6) When you are a smoker you always smell of tobacco, even if didn’t smoke very recently. This can make you not confident enough to go near people. And even people may hesitate to come and speak to you. So next time you plan to smoke think about being alienated socially.


    7) Think about the harmful effects of smoking on your body like the diseases and organ failures. If you are a smoker you are at the risk of getting strokes, heart attacks, chronic bronchitis, and even cancers. So think about these when you feel like smoking; you will definitely decide to quit the habit.


    8) Throw all those ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters, and tobacco products which you have with you. Some people feel like smoking when they see these things. So if these do not stay in your sight, you may remember less often about smoking.

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    9) Try to appreciate yourself when you do not smoke. If you usually smoke five cigarettes a day and after deciding to quit, if you smoke lesser number of cigarettes, enjoy yourself with good foods or outing with friends, or something interesting like that. And do punish yourself when you smoke more. You can punish yourself by not eating your favorite dish when it is before you or something like that.


    10) Doing exercises regularly and including healthy foods in your diet can reduce your cravings for nicotine. Also drink plenty of water. These are some of the most effective ways to help stop smoking.


Written by Cherry Quahst


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